Mudlogging Services


Real-time Monitoring & Plotting with Mainlog

  • Real Time Plotting while monitoring ROP, Hotwire and Chromatograph Gases, CO2, MWD Gamma, MWD Resistivity and other data available from a WITS feed. Fully WITS Capable.
  • Real-time Gas Chart.
  • 24 hour - One Man or Two Man Services Available.
  • Full on-site evaluation and notation of all samples with focus on zones of interest and geological tops

MLogger Gas Detector

The MLogger series gas detector is a digital gas detection system. Specifically designed for well site gas detection, and with the Mud Logger in mind.

The three models begin with the Blue Box (TG) which detects total gas only.
The Red Box (TGC) will detect total gas and has a built in chromatograph, and our most advanced MLogger, the Yellow Box (TGC-C), includes CO2 detection along with total gas and a chromatograph.

Each model includes advanced network capabilities, giving Mud Loggers, Geologists, and interested parties the ability to remotely manage multiple wells, all from an easy to use dashboard on a private and secure website

Software Options

  • Mainlog Logging Software 
  • TLog Logging Software
  • Lithologic Logging Tool Software

Hardware Options

  • MLogger Gas Detection System
  • Precision BlueRay Gas Detection System 
  • The Cavitor Gas Extraction System